Modern Greek Language and Literature Studies





Program Overview


Literature is a significant form of communication.  With its unusual and even symbolic forms of expression, it enriches the spirit as it compels writer and reader alike to reach new horizons of interpreting and understanding the human experience.  Language is the medium of literature, an instrument that the literary artist uses to construct and convey new meanings that are not necessarily bounded by the nuisances of grammatical and syntactical constraints.


The program of Modern Greek Language and Literature Studies covers an extensive treasure of prose and poetry from the early 1800s to the present day.  Coursework is driven by an inter-disciplinary approach that comprises language acquisition, cultural awareness, and factual history.


Starting with a review of critical and literary theory and the historical development of Modern Greek Literature, students have the unique opportunity of developing their Greek Language skills by reading, deconstructing, translating, speaking, and writing about designated literary works. 


Readings and supporting practice exercises, including vocabulary and grammar drills, stem from original compelling writings of a wide variety of authors who have influenced, and continue to affect, Modern Greek literary discourse, spoken and written language, empirical thought, and cultural identity.


Based on personal needs and the outcomes of a placement test, students have the opportunity to enroll in the following beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses and acquire the Greek Language by studying at low, mid, high, and superior levels of proficiency:


GKLIT500:   Introduction to Modern Greek Literature

GKLIT501:   Beginner Greek Literature Level 1 (Low Beginner)

GKLIT502:   Beginner Greek Literature Level 2 (Mid Beginner)

GKLIT503:   Beginner Greek Literature Level 3 (High Beginner)

GKLIT504:   Beginner Greek Literature Level 4 (Superior Beginner)

GKLIT511:   Intermediate Greek Literature Level 1 (Low Intermediate)

GKLIT512:   Intermediate Greek Literature Level 2 (Mid Intermediate)

GKLIT513:   Intermediate Greek Literature Level 3 (High Intermediate)

GKLIT514:   Intermediate Greek Literature Level 4 (Superior Intermediate)

GKLIT521:   Advanced Greek Literature Level 1 (Low Advanced)

GKLIT522:   Advanced Greek Literature Level 2 (Mid Advanced)

GKLIT523:   Advanced Greek Literature Level 3 (High Advanced)

GKLIT524:   Advanced Greek Literature Level 4 (Superior Advanced)



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