New Testament Greek Language Studies





Program Overview


The program of language studies in Biblical - New Testament Greek is for anyone who is interested in learning how to read and comprehend the New Testament in the authentic Hellenistic Common or Koine Greek language. 


In each course, at a progressively increasing level of fluency development that is achieved through  structured practice and extensive drills, students build the language acquisition skills required to read, write, listen, understand, and speak Koine Greek. 


Topics of Instruction Include:


  • Reading and writing the alphabet correctly in authentic Greek.
  • Understanding accents and breathing marks.
  • Learning how to use cases, numbers, and genders.
  • Understanding the use of auxiliary verbs ἔχω and εἰμί.
  • Using selected verbs in all persons, numbers, tenses, voices, and moods.
  • Building vocabulary through reading, speaking, listening and translation drills.
  • Pronouncing authentically the phonemic system of Koine Greek, including vowels, consonants, and diphthongs.
  • Reading and understanding scriptural passages, starting with the Gospel of Saint John.
  • Building and using key vocabulary, including selected words, phrases, and sentences that are most frequently encountered in New Testament Greek.
  • Studying and applying grammatical rules and syntactical structures for all parts of speech, including:  definite and indefinite articles; cases and endings of masculine, feminine, and neuter nouns and adjectives; verbs and verb tenses; usage of commonly used adverbs and participles.


Based on personal needs and the outcomes of a placement test, students have the opportunity to enroll in the following beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses and acquire the Greek Language by studying at low, mid, high, and superior levels of proficiency:


NTG300:   Introduction to New Testament Greek


NTG301:   Beginner New Testament Greek Level 1 (Low Beginner)

NTG302:   Beginner New Testament Greek Level 2 (Mid Beginner)

NTG303:   Beginner New Testament Greek Level 3 (High Beginner)

NTG304:   Beginner New Testament Level 4 (Superior Beginner)


NTG311:   Intermediate New Testament Greek Level 1 (Low Intermediate)

NTG312:   Intermediate New Testament Greek Level 2 (Mid Intermediate)

NTG313:   Intermediate New Testament Greek Level 3 (High Intermediate)

NTG314:   Intermediate New Testament Greek Level 4 (Superior Intermediate)


NTG321:   Advanced New Testament Greek Level 1 (Low Advanced)

NTG322:   Advanced New Testament Greek Level 2 (Mid Advanced)

NTG323:   Advanced New Testament Greek Level 3 (High Advanced)

NTG324:   Advanced New Testament Greek Level 4 (Superior Advanced)


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