Greek < > English Translation Studies





Program Overview


For more than three decades, we have been teaching, practicing, and perfecting the art and science of Greek-English and English-Greek translation, interpreting, and bilingual document editing through our Greek Lexis Communications services.     


  • Our clients include:
  • Technology firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Legal firms
  • Educational institutions
  • Textbook publishers
  •  Magazine publishers
  •  News organizations
  •  Health care providers
  •  Non-profit entities
  •  Government agencies
  •  Individuals


The program of Greek < > English Translation Studies is designed to meet the translation, interpretation, and intercultural knowledge needs of English-speaking translators, educators, and researchers who have achieved a functional level of fluency in Greek. 


Topics of Instruction Include:


  • Oral and written proficiency in authentic Greek.
  • Applied Linguistics in the context of English and Greek.
  • Theory and practice of bilingual translation.
  • Theory and practice of synchronous interpreting.
  • Translation for specific purposes, e.g. business, law, history, literature.
  • Cultural and sociolinguistic dimensions of translation.
  • Translation information and computing technologies.


Based on personal needs and the outcomes of a placement test, students have the opportunity to enroll in the following beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses and cultivate their translation and interpreting skills by studying at low, mid, high, and superior levels of proficiency:


TRANS600:   Introduction to the theory and practice of EL-EN translation and interpreting


TRANS601:   Beginner EL-EN Translation Level 1 (Low Beginner)

TRANS602:   Beginner EL-EN Translation Level 2 (Mid Beginner)

TRANS603:   Beginner EL-EN Translation Level 3 (High Beginner)

TRANS604:   Beginner EL-EN Translation Level 4 (Superior Beginner)


TRANS611:   Intermediate EL-EN Translation Level 1 (Low Intermediate)

TRANS612:   Intermediate EL-EN Translation Level 2 (Mid Intermediate)

TRANS613:   Intermediate EL-EN Translation Level 3 (High Intermediate)

TRANS614:   Intermediate EL-EN Translation Level 4 (Superior Intermediate)


TRANS621:   Advanced EL-EN Translation Level 1 (Low Advanced)

TRANS622:   Advanced Modern Greek Level 2 (Mid Advanced)

TRANS623:   Advanced EL-EN Translation Level 3 (High Advanced)

TRANS624:   Advanced EL-EN Translation Level 4 (Superior Advanced)



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