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We provide online and in-class professional, convenient, and cost-effective Greek Language education courses that are designed to enhance, expand, and enrich the proficiency level of adult English-speaking Greek Language Learners of all fluency levels. 


Our student-centered teaching and learning processes are based on the latest as well as established Second Language Acquisition methodologies, stringent academic standards, and quality learning resources that guarantee your ability not only to speak and comprehend Greek within a short time but also to build a foundation for life-long learning.


Our Greek Language Fluency Development curriculum includes the following programs of study that are offered as one-to-one private engagements or for groups of students: 


1]  Modern Greek

2]  Ancient Greek

3]  New Testament Greek 

4]  Business Greek

5]  Greek Literature Studies

6]  Greek < > English Translation Studies

7]  Certificate of Achievement in Greek-Exam Preparation

8]  Greek for Travelers

9]  Modern Greek Language and Culture


NEW:  In addition, we  offer a complete English Language Fluency Development Curriculum aimed at helping English Language Learners develop and enhance their American English skills.


Courses within these programs are taught online throughout the year.  Classroom meetings are also held periodically for students who live in the Silicon Valley area and nearby communities.


The academic year is divided into the following terms:

Fall:          September through December.

Spring:     January through May.

Summer:  July through August.


Reasonable tuition fees, flexible scheduling, and needs-specific instruction drive our educational services.

We look forward to serving your Greek Language learning needs.


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