Business Greek Language Studies





Program Overview


Business Greek is a dynamic fluency development program that that serves the oral and written vocational communication needs of professionals working in a variety of environments, including law, banking, management, health care, education, technology, marketing, and real estate. 


The program integrates linguistic acquisition and active learning with common workplace situations that an English-speaking business professional will encounter while working in a Greek-speaking environment in Greece and Cyprus. 


Benefits of the program include relevant scenarios, realistic dialogs, and practical vocabulary designed to motivate the learner to want and need to read, write, speak, and listen to Greek.  An additional substantive advantage of the program is to provide a clear and understandable entry into the Greek culture.  The integration of language skills with cultural knowledge is a well-established method of achieving competent proficiency in the new language.


Thematically organized tasks and activities are used to reproduce and simulate the real world, and authentic dialogs offer the opportunity to understand and personalize not only the spoken communication but also the body language and the inherent nonverbal meaning of the conversation.


Readings are sourced from business publications that impart upon the learner business terminology, field-specific jargon, idiomatic expressions, and current events.  Learning activities that are based on these passages expand vocabulary development, promote conversational skills, and empower the learner to synthesize the information through critical thinking.


Based on personal needs and the outcomes of a placement test, students have the opportunity to enroll in the following beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses and acquire the Greek Language by studying at low, mid, high, and superior levels of proficiency:


BGS400:   Introduction to Business Greek


BGS401:   Beginner Business Greek Level 1 (Low Beginner)

BGS402:   Beginner Business Greek Level 2 (Mid Beginner)

BGS403:   Beginner Business Greek Level 3 (High Beginner)

BGS404:   Beginner Business Greek Level 4 (Superior Beginner)


BGS411:   Intermediate Business Greek Level 1 (Low Intermediate)

BGS412:   Intermediate Business Greek Level 2 (Mid Intermediate)

BGS413:   Intermediate Business Greek Level 3 (High Intermediate)

BGS414:   Intermediate Business Greek Level 4 (Superior Intermediate)


BGS421:   Advanced Business Greek Level 1 (Low Advanced)

BGS422:   Advanced Business Greek Level 2 (Mid Advanced)

BGS423:   Advanced Business Greek Level 3 (High Advanced)

BGS424:   Advanced Business Greek Level 4 (Superior Advanced)


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